A very good playgroup with very friendly dedicated staff. My little girl loves to be there every single day. Being a parent I'm always told what's been taught. My little girl enjoys the snacks at the playgroup and finds them really filling. Indoor & outdoor play, reading, writing and many more exciting activities take place there. Being a parent you're part of the playgroup helping at times and also kept informed with what's planned for the next term. I choose this playgroup as my little girl was very welcomed by the staff and children when we went round for our first visit.

Dalia Elizabeth M

Dear Tracy, Caroline and co. We thought you would like to hear this story. Go back a few years when you had Evie in playgroup. Kirsty was called in by Caroline because our boisterous daughter would grab other children when playing and would not let go. Evie was shown kind hands which we then introduced at home. Over the years we have used this with Sophie and Connor but have also shared it with our friends and family too. My sister Mary has a son, Jack 3, who is also boisterous and Mary has used kind hands with him. Mary now lives in Baku and after discussion with playgroup about how they teach Jack kind hands the playgroup have taken this and introduced it to their playgroup. Thought you might like to know. Good work Caroline. We love Kind Hands. Kind Regards Alex and Kirsty Taylor

Alex & Kirsty Taylor

Transition help guide for afternoon children

This guide will give you and your child information on what to expect in our afternoon sessions and how you can help prepare them for the transition from mornings to afternoons!

Be positive about the transition to afternoon sessions – if you’re happy then your child is happy! Work together with staff, supporting each other in the best interests of your child.

Talk to your child and explain the basic routine and new activities on offer! Sometimes we have to be flexible with this depending on the children’s interests each day.

To promote independence please encourage them to take their own coats and shoes off, find their named coat peg and put indoor shoes on.

Lunch: Please ensure your child has a packed lunch. As part of our healthy eating project, we provide water throughout the day so there is no need to supply a drink. Due to allergies we kindly ask for no nuts including Nutella and peanut butter We also request that sweets, chocolate or biscuits are not provided. Please do not over fill your child's lunchbox as they only have half an hour to eat. For more information please see our notice board in the cloakroom.

Children will be encouraged to make their own placemat. This helps the children to identify their names and where they need to sit. Adults move these daily to encourage the children to develop different friendships.

Please remember to bring in a sun hat and named sun lotion if your child is at Playgroup all day with a permission slip for sun cream to be applied. If your child is not attending all day please apply sun lotion before coming.

Activities and Events

  • MayStay 'n' Play

    We have our first Stay 'n' Play in May for our new children starting in September to give them chance to see the premises and Staff before Starting. We have a second Stay 'n' Play in June/July.
  • MayPlaygroup Plus Trip

    We hope to take the older children on an additional trip, in the past this has been on a train to a soft play area. This usually takes place in May.
  • MaySports Day

    Sports Day is normally the last Friday of half term in May during the afternoon. This follows the adjoining Infant School sports day in the morning.
  • JuneAnnual Summer Trip

    Our annual trip will be held in June. Previous trips have been to The Dinosaur Park, Pettitts Animal Adventure Park and Banham Zoo. Details will be confirmed nearer the time.
  • JulyDevelopment Review Day & Stay 'n' Play

    Our Development Review Day will be held during the morning for children already attending the setting. Appointments will be available nearer the time to ensure you can see your key person. Our 2nd Stay 'n' Play session for our September children is in June/July where they meet their allocated key persons, before playing with the equipment and resources on offer.
  • JulyFun Day

    Our annual Fun Day will be held in June/July between 4-6pm in the Infant School Playground. Everyone Welcome. Date will be confirmed nearer the time.
  • Development Review Day/Photographer

    We hold this event in November. Parents to make appointments to come to see their child's key person and talk about their progress. Tempest Photography will attend from 11am - 4.00pm appointments available, Please ring the Office 01603 418614 to book. Donna will take individual and family photos. This is open to all Playgroup families and their friends. All welcome.
  • AGM

    We will hold our AGM in October each year. Following our AGM we will announce the Committee via posters and emails direct to our Parents.